Gentle Cleanings

The first step on the path of total dental health is clean teeth. One of the first appointments we will schedule after your initial exam is your cleaning. If you already have good oral hygiene habits, one of our hygienists will concentrate on finding areas that may be missed due to their location, or are areas where tartar builds up due to your natural oral chemistry. If your oral hygiene habits are so-so, this appointment will concentrate on checking how healthy your gums are, educating you on how to keep your teeth clean, and getting the plaque and tartar removed. If it has been a while since you've last had your teeth cleaned, you may need a second appointment to make sure all of the tartar has been removed, and to check that your gums are responding well to their new, cleaner state. 
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If you have not had any kind of regular dental maintenance for a long time, some people develop periodontitis. This condition may be treatable by our office, but we may also refer you to a gum specialist to assure it can be brought under control. With good motivation any level of gum condition can be easily maintainable. Besides the obvious appearance issue, clean teeth have a surprisingly high number of benefits, the main one being that they are easier to keep clean! If your teeth have not been cared for well, it is possible that the calculus has accumulated on the roots of your teeth. If this has happened you made need root planing done to remove it.

Tooth Restoration
Once your teeth are clean, we know we have a good foundation on which to maintain strong teeth. It may be that some of your teeth have old fillings, have chipped, or have cavities. If this is the case, and the defect is repairable, you may need a filling or a crown.

If the defect in your tooth is small enough, you may select to have a tooth colored filling done. We call these tooth colored fillings composites. Composites are composed of an organic resin and quartz crystals. Unlike conventional silver fillings, composites are bonded to the teeth with an adhesive, actually helping support the surrounding tooth structure. They also are very well sealed, so they can make teeth that have had leaking, sensitive fillings feel comfortable as well. This type of filling is our favorite because it is so conservative and gives you beautiful looking teeth. Only the defect needs to be removed to place a composite, while typical fillings need to have extra tooth structure removed to maintain their strength.


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