Getting Started
Any good relationship starts with a good introduction. In the dental world, a introduction is often called an initial exam. We like to provide plenty of time to get to know you and your mouth. During this time we'll discuss many things, some of which you may think are irrelevant. For example, we'll have you fill out a health history form asking questions about previous and current medical conditions. 

Though many of the questions may seem irrelevant, they may impact your dental care directly or indirectly, with possible serious complications. We love to answer questions, so feel free to question any items you might think aren't necessary. Next we'll discuss these and other subjects with you in order to completely understand what conditions we'll need to include in our treatment plan.
  Getting Started
  Gentle Cleanings
  Tooth Restoration
  Tooth Colored Crowns/Bridges
  Gold Crowns and Bridges
  Tooth Whitening
  TMJ Therapy
  Dentures and Partial Dentures
  Root Canals
  Periodontal Surgery

A treatment plan is a list of items that may need to be addressed whether serious or strictly indulgent. These items are usually listed in order of importance, with items that need to be addressed at the top, and items that may not be as urgent or follow a different chronological order at the bottom. If financing dental treatment is problematic for you, the order of this list is especially important because you will get the most important treatment done for the money you have available.

When we construct your treatment plan, our initial assumptions are that you want the best treatment for your money. That isn't to say you want to spend all your money at the dental office! But we like to treat you like we would ourselves or our families. So we might tell you we won't do something you would like to have done, or suggest something be done that you don't want. Open lines of communication is our priority, so we will try our best to make sure you understand our recomendations. Remember, our goal is your dental AND total health, not just "fixin' teeth"!


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